DIN Ampoules

DIN ISO 9187 types of ampoules and OPC type ampoules

1. Identifying if your ampoule is a DIN or OPC type.

Main way to tell a DIN & OPC type of ampoule:

DIN & OPC type ampoule has a Single painted dot on neck area.

DIN and OPC ampoules will have a painted dot above the neck, like in drawing/photo above. The single dot will mean that the ampoule is an “unidirectional” opening ampoule.

What that means: the neck can only be broken in one direction. Under the dot is a very small scratch in the glass, when you apply force in the direction of the dot, the glass starts to crack, this leads to a cleaner break in the glass. See Video: below. The ampoule will not open if you try to force the neck in the wrong direction, in fact, this usually causes the glass to shatter. The types of ampoules that have a single dot are called either: DIN ISO (European standard designs) or OPC type (these are One Point Cut).

Note: There can be different sizing between these types two types of ampoules. So it is important to measure the ampoules accurately.

2. Measuring your ampoule:

See videos below: Using a metric ruler measuring in millimeters(mm), or metric micrometer.

Required measurements:

Dimensions needed (in mm, to within +/- 0.5mm accuracy):
1. Width (diameter) of base
2. Overall height : bottom of base area to top of head tip
3. Height to shoulder from base
4. Height to the score line from the base
5. The width of the head of the ampoule.

It is always wise to measure a few of the same size ampoule’s from within different batches, as dimensions can vary somewhat in production.

Measuring ampoules with labels:

If ampoule’s to be opened have, or will have labels affixed at the time of opening, that go around the body, the label itself must be included in measurements to accurately account for fit within the opener.

Paper labels:

If your ampoule has a paper label that overlaps itself, the width of the base must take into account of this overlap. Measure your ampoule at this point to give the correct width of the ampoule base.

3. Complete.

You now have all the information required to select an opener for your DIN or OPC ampoule.

  1. If your ampoule is a DIN type, check your measurements on the DIN SIZING CHART. Once confirmed go to 2. If not a DIN size, go to 3.
  2. You now have the necessary information to select your corresponding sized DIN ampoule from either AO OPENER : available in 1, 2 & 5 ml sizing or an AO+ OPENER for your coresponding DIN ampoule, in sizes ranging from 1 ml – 20 ml.
  3. If your ampoule is not a DIN ampoule or same size as listed.

Please go to either AOP CUSTOM or review our AMPOULE LIBRARY to find your ampoule or go to AOT CUSTOM. Custom sizing can be accomodated with either of our AOP or AOT models.

din-ampoule-measurements(click image to enlarge)

1. Identifying your ampoule’s

2. Measuring your ampoule with metric ruler (Short version)

Measuring ampoule with metric ruler (Long version)