AOT: The Intelligent Custom Ampoule Opener

AOT is an enhanced version of the original AO safety ampoule opener. AOT can be custom made to fit the exact size of your ampoule you are opening. AOT offers all the safety features that AO does, but gives the user the added option of having a safety base. AOT will open an ampoule with or without using the safety base. AOT can be made in varied sizes in a range of: 0.5 up to 30mls. AOT is not a universal opener, it is only made for a specific size of ampoule. This degree of engineering gives us a clean break every time.

AOT can be a two part system incorporating a safety holding/mounting base and the opener, similar to the AO original design. The base is designed like the AOP base, to hold the ampoule in a port safely at all times where the ampoule cannot fall over. Like AOP the base is designed to catch the opened neck too, but in the ampoule holding port. This allows easy disposal of both the empty ampoule and neck in one simple action with a double port base into a sharps container after all procedures have been completed. Our needle cap holding system is not an additional option for AOT models, normally.

AOT Base designs are available in single, double, base holding capacitities and other custom designs to suit your procedural needs are available. AOT can be made with a single size opener on it or dual types: like a 1 ml and 5 ml or other sizing needs. AOT can be easily built to your specific sized ampoules within our fast custom manufacture abilities at Low cost and short turn around time of 72 hours. AOT models are available in small volumes from 1 – 500 units. Greater than this we produce AOT with injection moulding tooling. See AOT and Promotional use below.

AOT is a purchased under Custom Orders: In order to Custom Make an AOT for your ampoule, we need:

  1. As prefered. Samples of your ampoule/s sent to us. We require a minimum of 2-6 ampoules of each type shipped to our SHIPPING ADDRESS. Note: Your shipping fees will be refunded from your first order. Or
  2. Accurate measurements of your ampoule/s per our instructions: MEASURING YOUR AMPOULE/S. and
  3. Photos of your ampoule/s. And OR
  4. The manufacturer specifications of the ampoule/s.
    This information plus any special design needs and procedural requirement/s can be supplied through our CUSTOM ORDERING.

Selecting your AOT is easy

  1. If you know your ampoule type and size, with accurate measurements select CUSTOM ORDER, supply us with the necesscary information.
  2. If you are not sure about your ampoule and do not know what type and size it is. Click on: Need help identfying your ampoule. Once you know your ampoule, then go back to find your type of corresponding opener or Custom orders of either AO+ or AOT.
  3. If you do not want to measure your ampoule, just send us samples and we will make your AOT opener to match your ampoule to guarantee a clean, safe break every time.
  4. If you cannot find your type and size of ampoule in our existing model range, then select CUSTOM ORDERS. We can quickly make an AO+ or AOT to suit your ampoule, cheaply and fast.

If you want a custom made AOT opening system go to CUSTOM ORDERS and send us your information.

Promotional use of AOT.

Your intial test sample/s of AOT will allow you to make sure the opener/s performs correctly on your ampoule or ampoules. Upon verification we can give you a quotation on a volume of our AOT opener to be supplied in an injection moulded form at lower costs, which will suit high volume usage requirements. Volumes for this production need to be greater than 1000-5000 units or more. Please CONTACT US for greater information or a quotation on your requirements.


Quick Links

(click the video above to see the AOT in action)

(Identifying your ampoule’s)

(Measuring your ampoule with micrometer)

(Measuring your ampoule with ruler)

Detailed Specifications

Compatibility: AOT is our test model of AO. We can make AOT to suit any size and type of ampoule on the world market. This is our rapid development model that we can make within 78 hours, normally of receiving your samples or specifications of your ampoule’s. This allows a client to test the compatibility and suitability of AO before a decision to purchase our product in larger volume. Once the sample is approved we would then proceed to producing product in injection molded form for your requirements.

Performance: AOT performs exactly like our AO injection molded design, but looks slightly different. It is designed to open an ampoule on the bench top, with the ampoule unsupported. It is used exactly like AO. The only difference is the alignment tab when using OPC or DIN type ampoule’s (those with single painted dot on the neck of the ampoule). AOT has a raised mini tower at the back of the top. When placing the ampoule into AOT the dot must be facing the rear tower, centered on the tower. If this alignment is correct the ampoule will open correctly. IF NOT, it will not open and could get jammed in the opener.

Other types of ampoule need no alignment, they can go in any direction.
Should you need the ampoule supported we can supply the unit with its own mini base, similar to the AO+ design, this is called AOTB. Contact sales for more details.

Chemical resistance: AOT is made from a chemically resistant resin structure. It can be cleaned with most cleaning compounds and can be fully immersed if required, then air dried is preference.

Sterilization: At this time it is unknown if AOT can be sterilized, testing has not been undertaken to date.

Model Range: AOT can be custom made to suit any size and type of ampoule, all we need is for you to send us the specifications and samples of your ampoule’s. Samples required: prefer 6-12 per size. Contact sales for further information and shipping details.

Pricing: Model sizing capabilities can range from 0.5 ml to 30 ml of ampoule’s. Prices will range from: $ 6 – 35 USD. Quantities available for testing can range from 1 – 20.

We will offer considerable discounts to large potential purchasers on individual discussion.

Product & Packaging Customizations

Promotional Use/Custom Branding: As AOT is designed to open unsupported ampoules it is a smaller opener. It is easy to use as a promotional piece and can be included in ampoule packaging or supplied separately in a custom branded box with instruction or other literature inside. AOT can be custom printed with a company’s logo and other requirements can be met. Promotional use of AO is available on high volume purchase. Contact a sales representative using the contact form below for details.

Product Packaging Options

  1. Individual card type packaging: Instruction literature is supplied with each individual unit.
  2. The AOT can be combined in any configuration required by a client (i.e. 1, 2, and 5ml can be packaged together – as is the default kit configuration or the AOT sizes can be combined in any other way to meet your requirements).
  3. Bulk: All products are available in custom bulk configurations.
  4. Custom packaging is available subject to our design and construction abilities.

Contact a sales representative using the contact form below for more details on product packaging options.

Product Literature: Safety sheets are supplied with all products when individually packaged. Bulk literature is available when required by the customer. English is the primary language, however can be made available in other languages per customer requirements. Literature sheets can be customized for clients needs. Contact a sales representative using the contact form below for details.

Brochures & Documents

International & Distributor Orders

We welcome international customers and those interested in placing large discounted wholesale or institutional orders to contact ususing the form below for a quote.

Need a Custom Quote?

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