Within the pharmaceutical industry, glass ampoules are still the main way of packaging high value drugs in small dose quantities. Glass ampoule provide long shelf life and eases the sterilization process, among other qualities. Ampoules can be made in sizes of 0.5 ml to 35 ml, with most manufacturers having their own sizing specifications. Applications of AO and AO+ Ampoule Openers within pharmaceutical manufacture include the following.

Production Quality Control

During production runs of drug packaging operations, quality control personnel are required to test random glass ampoules to check if they are within specifications, are uniform, are correctly scored, and can keep drug integrity in tact. To do this, they have to open tens, if not hundreds, of ampoules, usually by hand. This immediately exposes them to risks of broken glass and sharps injuries. While some may use other ampoule openers in the market, the openers themselves do not eliminate the risk of hand injuries because they still require the ampoule to be held by hand. Thus, with the sheer number of ampoules that have to be examined, many quality control personnel experience accidents from these small containers shattering in their hands.

The AO+ Ampoule Opener, on the other hand, totally protects the user from sharps injury. It can also open more than one ampoule at a time making it easier for quality control personnel to test in batches. With a light push, all the ampoules can be securely opened, eliminating the risk of any danger or injury to the user.

Laboratory & Research Areas

Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals are involved in the development of various drugs, compounds, and chemicals. During such development, glass ampoules are used to carry different mixtures for different processes, may it be for equipment calibration, drug testing, and the like. Because of the number of ampoules they have to handle, as well as the frequency, laboratory staff become exposed to injuries from broken glass or unnecessary exposure to chemicals. Spillage accidents are also a possibility.

Our line of ampoule openers makes it easy, quick, and completely safe to open glass ampoules at any given time. The AO Ampoule Opener and AO+ completely eliminate sharps injuries, reduce unnecessary exposure to drugs and reagents, eliminate the risk of spilling high value drugs or compounds, and prevent needle stick injury too.

Promotion & End-User Use

Pharmaceutical manufacturers develop and sell drugs that are ultimately meant for an end-user. Some of these drugs are contained in glass ampoules which the end user needs to open, whether it is for personal use or as part of their work as a health care provider. This exposes the end user to possible injury from glass breakage and risks the loss of contents. Neither of these are ideal scenarios.

As the manufacturer, it would be a great idea to give your clients a safer way of handling your products. Not only is this a smart public relations move, but a sincere way to protect your customers from injury and undue stress. The AO and AO+ are available for promotional use or wholesale supply for clients through direct sale. AO can also be custom-made to display your branding and to suit any size ampoules you manufacture. Contact us using the form below for more details or to ask for a quotation.

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