Laboratories and research facilities in various fields of study use glass ampoules on a regular basis. They are used to carry various drugs, compounds, and chemicals which aid in different laboratory and research processes.  Because they are used so often, lab technicians and researchers run the risk of encountering accidents related to breaking glass ampoules.  The risk of sharps injury is especially present if ampoules are opened by hand or by using inferior ampoule breakers.

Once ampoules have been opened, the technician has to extract the compounds inside by using a pipette, syringe, or other similar tools. If the ampoule is unsupported, there is the risk of the ampoule tipping over and its contents spilling while trying to get the pipette into the small hole. Once it is ready for disposal, the ampoule has to be picked up by hand, once again exposing the user to sharps injury.

How can you avoid sharps injuries?

Our line of ampoule openers makes it easy, quick, and completely safe to open glass ampoules any time. AO Ampoule Opener and AO+ Ampoule Opener have an impressive array of features (click here to see a full competitive comparison).

  • Completely eliminate injuries from broken glass, even during disposal
  • Reduce unnecessary exposure to ampoule contents and drugs
  • Avoid the risk of spillage
  • Enable easy tracking of ampoules and syringes
  • Radically limit needle stick injury when changing needles or when extracting drugs from an ampoule by keeping the ampoule in a vertical position (AOonly)

The AO and AO+ give laboratory workers total peace of mind by offering complete protection from sharps injuries when working with glass ampoules.

If you would like to get a sense of how our openers function, click on any of the videos on the right to view the aspects of safety in our designs. Go to the video section at top of home page for longer versions of the videos for greater details.

If you’d like to get a sense of how our AO+ Ampoule Opener works please watch the video below.

To see how the AO+ helps prevent occupational hazards, please watch the video below on needlestick injury prevention.

Ready to choose the right ampoule opener?  Click here to learn about selecting the right opener for the ampoules used in your laboratory.

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