Equipment Calibration

Laboratory and research facilities in many fields make use of glass ampoules. When researchers and lab technicians calibrate equipment they often times rely on the referenced compounds contained within the ampoules to establish a standard or benchmark during the calibration process. Calibration can take place as often as daily, weekly, or monthly. With such regular use of glass ampoules comes the increased risk of sharps injuries.

Glass ampoules are  used in other areas of laboratory and research work as well, putting the people handling them in greater danger of getting hurt when using traditional “bare hands” or other inferior ampoule opening methods. But why expose your staff to these risks?

How can you avoid sharps injuries?

Our line of ampoule openers makes it easy, quick, and completely safe to open glass ampoules any time. AO Ampoule Opener and AO+ Ampoule Opener have an impressive array of features (click here to see a full competitive comparison).

  • Completely eliminate injuries from broken glass
  • Reduce unnecessary exposure to ampoule contents and drugs
  • Avoid the risk of spillage
  • Enable easy tracking of ampoules and syringes
  • Radically limit needle stick injury when changing needles or when extracting drugs from an ampoule

The AO and AO+ give researchers and lab technicians total peace of mind by offering complete protection from sharps injuries when working with glass ampoules.

If you would like to get a sense of how our openers function, click on any of the videos on the right to view the aspects of safety in our designs. Go to the video section at top of home page for longer versions of the videos for greater details.

If you’d like to get a sense of how our AO+ Ampoule Opener works please watch the video below.

Ready to choose the right ampoule opener?  Click here to learn about selecting the right opener for the ampoules used in your research and laboratory centers.

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