Scott G., Spokane, WA (Purchased: AO+ custom 1 ml single base unit):

“I got tired of the gloves and handling ampoules routine; AO+ performs exactly as I needed, and therefore I have not had to look for any other product.”

 Keller, RPh, PhD – Emergency Department Clinical Pharmacist; Newberg, OR (Purchased: AO+ DIN 1 ml double base unit):

“When used on the correct type of ampoules, they worked really well. We did not have any more injuries after we started using them.”

Darcy C., Peru, IN (Purchased: AO DIN 1 ml): Use 1 ml testosterone ampoule.

“Very nice, really helpful.  This is a must have product! Bodybuilders need to know of your openers.”

Anonymous, Kamloops, BC, Canada ( Purchased: AO+, 5 ml double post with needle holder):

“I am very happy with my purchase. My 5 ml ampoules open without any difficulty, just like in the videos on your site. Nice to see 3d design and printing being used innovatively to make things safer.”


Paras P., RN, Sheridan College Health Services, Brampton, ON, Canada (Purchase multiple AO DIN 1 ml units):

“We have used daily up to 25 times. Works like a champ. No issues. Other staff use as well and no injuries at all. Great product, very convenient to use. I had worked in Emergency Room for 3 years and never saw this opener before, wished they’d had it there.


Thomas A., Buffalo Grove, IL (Purchased: AO DIN 1 ml unit and AS ampoule stand):

“Everything works awesome!! Thanks for the Quick delivery Too!! …. very glad I found your company!! Thanks for the follow up and will be using your site for future products!!”


Rebecca K., Tucson, AZ (Purchased: AO DIN 1 ml):

“The openers work nice. We learned about them from my son-in-law who is a pharmacy tech in a hospital.”


Pranav G., Rego Park, NY (Purchased: AO DIN 1 ml unit):

“… it is much better and simpler than using other

methods….we were having a lot of broken ampoules before this product.”


Ryan B., Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Rensselaer, NY (Purchased many AO+ custom NOVA 2 ml units with double base):

“The AO+ units have been working very well, I haven’t had any complaints from staff opening ampoules since there implementation. They have significantly improved operator’s safety in opening the glass ampules.”


Peter S., Wilton, NH (Purchased: AO+ DIN 1 ml single base with opener):

I have been using the ampoule opener on ampoules that do not have a dot but a band around the neck. It was very difficult to open them even with a file. Your opener solved the problem.”


George P., Middle River, MD (Purchased: AO DIN 1 ml unit):

“Amp opener is awesome……100% worth every penny.”


Brad P., Oneida, NY (Purchased: AO DIN 1 ml unit):

“I am very satisfied with it. It works perfect every time and I don’t have to worry about breaking expensive ampoules anymore. Smart invention!”

Kandi R., Lake Elmo, MN (Purchased: AO+ DIN 5 ml double base unit with needle holder and AO DIN 1 & 5 ml units):

“We received the openers and they are great!  Thank you for inquiring.”

Ryan B., Scottsdale, AZ (Purchased: AO DIN 1 ml unit):

“The unit is performing great for me. I haven’t had any problems with it, and it fits the 1 ml ampules perfectly. It is a great product and makes opening ampules much easier than other products I’ve tried. I’ve opened over 100 ampules with it already and zero defects!  Thank you!


Mark H., Reno, NV (Purchased: AO DIN 1 ml unit):

“It works excellent thank you!”

William M., Phoenix, AZ (AO DIN 1 ml units):

“Everything worked great thank you.”  

Dimitri K., Ashland, MA (Purchased: AO DIN 1 ml unit):

“Thanks for checking in. I found your company on line while googling “how to open an ampule”. Your product is fantastic! My friends all have band-aids on their fingers and I’m sitting pretty! LOL!! As long as you line up the dot, your opener does all the work. It works brilliantly! I appreciate you checking in – thank you so much!”

Howard B., Mesa, AZ (Purchased: AO DIN 1 ml unit):

“Your AO ampule opener has worked splendid so far, thank you for following up.

“So far I am very pleased, and I thank you.  Yes, the AO ampule opener has definitely made it safer to open ampules.

Thank you again and look forward to future purchases.”